Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office is a book that helps you improve document and email security in Microsoft Office and Windows. Works for Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP in one volume.
Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office
A practical guide to the many options available in Office and Windows for protecting your information from prying eyes, theft and deliberate attack.
by Peter Deegan - Award winning Editor-in-Chief of the Office Watch newsletters and many Office related books.
Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office - A practical guide to the many options available in Office and Windows for protecting your information from prying eyes, theft and deliberate attack.
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Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office

From the makers of more than a dozen popular MS Office books and the newsletters.

Microsoft Office in
• Office 2010
• Office 2007
• Office 2003
• Office XP (2002)
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Windows 8.1 for Microsoft Office users
“Protecting your information from prying eyes, theft and deliberate attack”

So much important information is stored on our computers yet often they are poorly protected. You can walk up to a computer and get to bank account details, budgets, salary info, tax returns as well as much more personal messages.

Privacy & Security in Microsoft Office focuses on using the security and encryption options available within Microsoft Office and Windows. We show you how to use what is already in Windows and Office for greater security at no extra cost.

We’ve covered Office 2010, Office 2007 and Office 2003 in one ebook – making it great value with a long ‘shelf life’.

There is practical, step-by-step, information that you can use right away. We’ll tell you not only how to secure your data but also how it can be revealed with or without your knowledge. Knowing how information can be unlocked is important in case something goes wrong (eg a password is forgotten) and also so you can judge how secure a feature or option really is.

Sending digitally signed and encrypted messages can involve helping the receiver understand what’s going on. This ebook has some examples of how signed messages appear (or not) in various email clients.

We’ve been working with computers and Office for a long time – we’ve seen good security turn around and damage people and companies badly. There’s a potential downside to excessive security and we’ll warn of those pitfalls.

There’s often a lot of focus on communication security like secure web sites but less on vulnerabilities on an individual computer. We have a look at how to protect your computer from prying eyes, the accidental opportunist and the deliberate hacker.

  • Get a FREE digital certificate to send secure and encrypted emails from Outlook - save at least $15.
  • Make more secure Office documents at no extra charge
  • Find and remove hidden information inside your Office documents
  • Secure your computer with free features free in Windows.
  • Send secret emails only you and the receiver can read.
  • Password locking Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents in Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010.
  • Making Office XP and Office 2003 documents more secure.
  • How to try unlocking a password protected document, if you forget the password
  • Restricting access to documents so only certain people can edit them.
  • Where copies of a document might be hiding – deleting a file isn’t that simple.
  • Sending emails that people can be sure come from you and not an online impersonator.
  • Options for securing your Outlook data, Outlook emails, OneNote and the new Office Web Applications.
  • Tips on making stronger passwords that are harder to guess or crack.
  • Passwords you should avoid and, in same cases, are explicitly banned.
  • A detailed look at Bitlocker, the Windows feature to encrypt your entire hard drive.
  • Wireless networks are easily hacked, we have tips on securing your base station and secure computing on public wireless networks.

About Peter Deegan

Peter Deegan has been the Editor-in-Chief and co-creator of the popular Office Watch ( series of free email newsletters since they started in 1996.  He has written many acclaimed computer books Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office, Organizing Outlook EmailClever Outlook Contacts and Effective Outlook Calendars plus Eye-Catching Signs with Word and Christmas Cheer with Office (with MaryJane Almer).  He's the winner of a Computer Press Association award and nominee in another year. 

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