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A personal selection of tools to make Microsoft Office
better, faster, less aggravating and even sexier
Plus exclusive discounts on some of the suggested products that will save you money.

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"Thanks for a great book.  Most e-books are small, almost pamphlets but the Desktop Search Handbook is great value for over 60 pages of info"    - Greg H, Lincoln, Nebraska.




The Office Extras Handbook is an e-book from the makers of the Desktop Search Handbook and the Office Watch newsletters.

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About the e-book

It’s a personal list of products to make Microsoft Office, faster, easier, better and sexier.  OK maybe not sexier but certainly things that can improve on Office as you get it from Microsoft.”  said author and editor-in-chief of Office Watch, Peter Deegan.

For the first time we’ve brought together details of the products that I and other members of the Office Watch team use regularly.  It goes beyond the narrow definition of ‘Office add-ins’ to include products that are useful to people who work with Office.”

As with all the Office Watch publications, we don’t just give a short review of the features (you can get that anywhere).  We tell you why we like and use a product with tips and ‘how to’s’ to help you get started.”

We like giving a bit extra for our loyal readers so we’ve arranged some special and exclusive discounts on products featured in the Handbook.  Aside from the useful tips and ideas in the e-book itself you could get the price of the book back in the savings available only to buyers of the Office Extras Handbook”.

Office Extras



There’s over 45 products featured:

  • Many are free

  • Others are quite cheap (cheaper if there is a reader discount available) and

  • Even one that costs $6,000! though we prefer the alternative for under $300.

  • Word

  • Outlook

  • Excel

  • Access

  • Images

  • Hardware

  • General utilities

  • System Protection

  • System Information

  • Text Editors

  • Time and Date

There are extras to suit all versions of Office from Office 97, through Office 2000, Office XP (2002) and Office 2003.  Many don't require a particular version of Office at all.

Among the 'extras' are:

  • a good way to trim down the size of PST data files to make Outlook run faster and more reliably

  • how to find the product keys you used to install Office,

  • reveal your email passwords in Outlook and

  • a handy portable tool to tell you more details about your computer than most sane people would want to know!

About the reader discounts

Some of the products mentioned in the Office Extras Handbook come with exclusive money saving offers for readers.

These offers are exclusive and limited to buyers of the Office Extras Handbook and are valid until 30 January 2006.

Why an ebook?

We like the feel of a paper book and, despite the hype, we don’t think paper pages are going anywhere.  But for topics like this, an electronic book is ideal.

We can update the Handbook in days or weeks – rather than many months for a paper publication.  And we can give the updates free to purchasers and not make you pay for another book.

Low cost – we can supply a comprehensive guide faster and for less cost than a paper book.

Adobe PDF’s offer features you can’t get in a paper book:

  • Immediate Searching – look for any text in the book in an instant.

  • Desktop Searching – the book is designed so it can be indexed and searched by any desktop searching tool that supports PDF files.

  • ‘Clickable’ Table of Contents – click on any heading in the contents list and you’ll jump right to that page.

  • Bookmark Tree – open the bookmarks pane to see the whole book in outline form (like the Document Map in Word).

  • Portability – take the ebook on your notebook computer without adding extra weight to carry around.

  • Web links - just click on a link in the book and it'll open in your browser.  No need to retype links from a paper page.

How much?

The Office Extras Handbook is available in US Dollars pricing and other currencies.   Click here for details

Subscriber Discounts

Subscribers to any of the Office Watch newsletters get a discount on the regular purchase price.   Click here for details

The Handbook is in PDF format personalized for each buyer.

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