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"Thanks for a great book.  Most e-books are small, almost pamphlets but the Desktop Search Handbook is great value for over 60 pages of info"    - Greg H, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Desktop Searching is all the rage – and with good reason – being able to search through your documents and emails in a fraction of a second makes an enormous difference to personal computing.

There’s more to it than just downloading some free software and installing it.  To get the most from it you need to know what’s happening, how to search and what you can do to your computer to make these nifty new tools more effective. 

We discovered this as we dug deeper into desktop searching and the result is the first comprehensive guide:

The Desktop Search Handbook

An Office Watch guide

For one low price you’ll get a comprehensive look (over 95 pages) at the major desktop searching tools and how to get the most out of them.  As you’d expect from the writers of Office Watch and other famous newsletters we’ll also tell you about what doesn’t work and what could work better.

  • All new and expanded content
  • In depth reviews and how to for the major Desktop Search products
    • Google Desktop Search (now greatly expanded and revised).
    • Copernic Desktop Search
    • Lookout
    • Windows Desktop Search (formerly MSN Desktop Search)
    • Yahoo Desktop (aka X1)
    • Blinkx
    • Isys
  • Simple guide to making desktop searching work even better for you.
    • Effective indexing
    • Simple searching and beyond.

Why an ebook?

We like the feel of a paper book and, despite the hype, we don’t think paper pages are going anywhere.  But for topics like this, an electronic book is ideal.

As new and improved Desktop Search products come on the market, we can update the Handbook in days or weeks – rather than many months for a paper publication.

Low cost – we can supply a comprehensive guide faster and for less cost than a paper book.

We can offer free updates to purchasers for no extra cost.  For one low price (less than you'd pay for a paper book this size) you’ll be kept updated all through 2005 as the Desktop Search market evolves.

Adobe PDF’s offer features you can’t get in a paper book:

  • Immediate Searching – look for any text in the book in an instant.
  • Desktop Searching – the book is designed so it can be indexed and searched by any desktop searching tool that supports PDF files.
  • ‘Clickable’ Table of Contents – click on any heading in the contents list and you’ll jump right to that page.
  • Bookmark Tree – open the bookmarks pane to see the whole book in outline form (like the Document Map in Word).
  • Portability – take the ebook on your notebook computer without adding extra weight to carry around.
  • Web links - just click on a link in the book and it'll open in your browser.  No need to retype links from a paper page.
  • Printing - we let you print some or all of the ebook for your own use, if you wish.

Take a peek

Have a look at the first few pages of the Desktop Search Handbook – click here.

How much?

The Desktop Search Handbook costs US$14.95 retail - click here to order.

Our newsletter subscribers (one or more of Office Watch, Office for Mere Mortals, Access Watch or Email Essentials) get the same Guide for the discounted price of US$9.95. click here to order

The Handbook is also for sale in other currencies and there's an offline payment option if you don't like Paypal or prefer not to use your credit card over the Internet.

All purchasers get a comprehensive guide to Desktop Searching – over 95 pages of original content with color screen-shots, table of contents and appendixes.

The Handbook is in PDF format personalized for each buyer.

First Published: January 2005 updated until January 2006.

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